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Friends and Fiends


Our friends came for their visit! It was fun! A time to catch up and to reminisce over old times. What’s more, since it’s almost Christmas the atmosphere in the home was mellow.

That is, until our friends stepped in and out of the front door. That’s when our little four-legged friend decided to go ballistic and mad. She yapped and barked at them the moment a foot stepped out. She didn’t stop even after our two-legged friends moved past the front gate to get into their borrowed car!

Our four-legged friend become a fiend!

Well, apparently there is such a thing bark collar. They can, as the name implies, control a dog from barking. Well, it’s a shame we didn’t know about for bark collars. Our friends had a good holiday, but their lasting memory of their time with us was our barking (mad) canine…..




O dear. Today, Mittens our cat has been a little sluggish.


She is normally quite a spritely gal despite her age. However she hasnt caught any birds lately. Cat Years

According to this chart, she would be in her mid-forties… approaching 50 Human years? Perhaps she needs some supplements just as humans do… ?

An Added Touch


My garden! I mustn’t forget another aspect to it – a special spot for a special lady. She deserves a specially designed place to part herself in the garden.

“What?” I can hear you say. Who would I put in the garden? Haha!

I refer to my little furry friend, folks. For her, I would love to have the best available of dog cages because she is the best of all doggies! Never fails to come and greet me when I get home. That wag of the tail which will blow away all the weariness… yes, definitely will get a better home for her…. Dreaming on….