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Cool, solid, strong lines.


Round, firey, spicy tastes.

IMG_3850This really caught my attention. Nice isn’t it? It’s a small saucer of local small chilli on a table. That was taken at dinner in a nearby cafe. Love it.


Wow Place


Visited a friend briefly to pass something to them. Of course they invited me in. It was lovely on the inside. But just look at the view they have!IMG_4535I don’t often get the chance to use the panoramic function in my phone. This was one time I had great delight in doing so – not just because it was fun, but because it was beautiful.

And yes, this was taken before the haze enveloped the land!


Unique Everyday


I am so glad to get my camera back. Then I won’t miss capturing moments like this.

This is the view from my upstairs window. Lovely isn’t it. And it’s new every day. This was taken on my day off. I had a quiet day at home, and when I finally emerged from my bedroom/study, this was the sight that caught my eyes.

Yes, I was glad my little point-and-shoot was handily nearby!

Special Specimen


I love my camera. I love being able to take photos. I love being able to take photos of specimens like this! Isn’t this lovely? I used to call it the Atlas Moth.

Most of them are bigger than the palm of my hand. This was no different.

And it stayed there, a few feet above my head, on the door frame, just waiting for me to snap away.

As my Arrow would say, “Naise!”

No Joy


Hubby took my little point-and-shoot to the shop. Alas, the warranty is over and they will charge just to look at it! Bother!

He is now going to try another shop – direct to their service centre – and hope they would have better news!

Otherwise….. Christmas shopping has just become more urgent than expected!!!