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Wow Place


Visited a friend briefly to pass something to them. Of course they invited me in. It was lovely on the inside. But just look at the view they have!IMG_4535I don’t often get the chance to use the panoramic function in my phone. This was one time I had great delight in doing so – not just because it was fun, but because it was beautiful.

And yes, this was taken before the haze enveloped the land!


What a Sight




It had rained all day. Finally as the sun began to dip below the horizon, the rain decided to recede with it. That’s when this caught my eye. A familiar sight, but one that stood out after the rain.

IMG_3214 Nice? I think so too!


A Musical Welcome


This is something I hope I never take for granted.

Each time I walk into the lobby of this hotel, I will hear the sounds of the local instrument being played. A series of different sized gongs hit in a particular, with a special rhythm unique to this part of the world.

Situated in the main entrance, it is quite a sight. A solitary musician with a beaming smile. Playing his gongs. He makes it look so simple!

There are bigger ones too, but the little ones that he uses are big enough to make a melodious sound that reverberates through the entire area. Nice way to be welcomed if you are checking in.

The Ultimate Sunset





OK perhaps there are better ones. Perhaps there will be better ones still to come.

But for this day, for this time, this is the ultimate sunset. Glorious in colours, brightness and hues. Changing even as we snapped away, each moment special.

I am so thankful for the lovely, never-the-same sunsets that are painted daily in the place where I live!

Minus WHAT?


I was invited to go into this room. Initially hesitant, I was persuaded that it was a unique experience which would not harm me.

To get to this room, I had to negotiate eardrum-smashing music, epileptic-inducing lights and crowds…. I like people. It’s crowds I dont like.

Anyway, I was finally led to this door where two men stood there, one with dark sunglasses on. Yes, indoors, and at 10pm at night. You get the sort of place it was….!

The person who led me spoke to one of the guards (obviously that’s who they were!) Actually, strictly speaking, he didnt speak. He tried to shout but it didnt work. So he gestured.

And the guards moved slightly away from the door and we entered….

And then through the door….

To this.The ice room. Minus sixteen degrees centigrade.

I was only wearing cotton.

Interesting that people would pay just to go into such a cold room. The novelty? Too much money to pay?

Since it was supposed to be so special, we snapped a photo, grinned a little and left…. Hmmmm