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Perish the Thought!


Someone took a look at me and said I looked pale. The unspoken thought I had was, “Well thank you very much. I do feel rotten”.

Then another person piped up, “Are you feeling ok?” Smiling, I slowly shake my head and say, “Not feeling so good actually. Thanks for asking.”

Back to Observer No 1 who then asks, “Are you pregnant?”!!

HONESTLY! Perish the thought! At my age?! I was so shocked by that, I simply went silent while Observer No 2 did the apologizing.

I know I am big, but it’s not from pregnancy! And if (a BIG and most unlikely “IF”) I was pregnant, I know I would need to get plus size maternity dresses. But Observer No 1 knows full well that I am already over the hill in that area…. so that was somewhat a thoughtless question.

As Charlie Brown would say, GOOD GRIEF!