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The G Stuff


Groaning – Got lots to catch up on

Grumble -something I mustn’t do!

Gaining – Glad I am gaining ground on the list of things to do

Glad – an attitude I ought to be in all the time!

Graduated – Yaaay! We got our certificates from the Marriage Course!

Gifts – We even received framed photos of ourselves from the course, and Arrow #3 received her birthday gift – more on the latter in another post!

Girls – Hubby was in a house full of ladies last night – we had three young ladies staying with us. Together with all the other women in the house, yeah, he was “outnumbered” Haha!

Good – this idea of playing with letters of the alphabet. So what’s next now?

This Was Me


I wrote.

I Slept with a Stranger

Hmmm with such a sensational title, I need a strong opening line too…

It was a dark and stormy night…. ooops wrong start.

She was alone in the room when. naaaaaaa let’s try again.

Suddenly! Nope!

Bother! Let’s just go back to the 1st of February 2008 where I was in West Malaysia for a meeting.

And so it went on…. (Click underlined title for link to the original site!)

I must say I enjoyed re-reading this post on one of my old blogpost sites. We are talking ages ago of course. Almost as if it was another life!

This is what looking for old posts does to you – you go down the path of memory lane!

Where are My Favourites


I was trying to tidy things up. Trying to make a good impression. Wanted to appear neater than I really was. So there I was, clicking away, using the right hand click on the mouse.

Now I can’t find a lot of stuff on my internet site. Especially the one that says “Favourites”. It’s GONE. And I don’t know how to get it back. Sob Sob.

Anyone out there can help me? I am using Mozilla….



What do you do when you can’t decide?

Oh, I am not talking about life and death situation. I mean things like which dress or outfit to wear, or what time is best to meet up, and where should we gather for a cuppa.

Are you like me? I tend to talk about it. It is as if the more I verbalize it, the more clear it somehow becomes.

Some others I know won’t say a word till it’s all a done thing.

Which are you?

Dropping Balls


Wanting to help doesn’t make it a good reason to do so!

The danger is that you take on too much and/or step out too far.

Or become a door mat.

Or end up exhausted.

Worse is if you end up dropping balls, some of which can bounce right back, but others you might find hard to put back together again.

Note to self – pace yourself.

We Eat Grass – Truly!


I just HAD to post about this! Well, I don’t always highlight this, but I have another site I write on. I guess I just enjoy writing.

This time, I was chuckling away as I wrote  it.

It’s one of those posts.

I can’t fully explain it.

It’s when suddenly you see another angle… and then you think along different lines… and somewhere your funny bone gets into action…. and you enjoy yourself doing something apart from your usual manner.

Yeah, it was one of those moments. Haha!

When Feeling Low


What do YOU do when you are feeling low?

Snack? Stuff chocolate? Dig into ice cream?

Go out and exercise? Play a strenuous game of tennis?

Sleep! Turn off the lights, draw the curtains and sleep!

Kick the cat! Snap at the spouse! Throw a dish!

What do you do?

It’s scary sometimes to see what some people do. Especially when they inflict pain – emotional and physical – on others.

But there’s another group of people that scare me – the ones that withdraw. The ones that give up.

At least the other group still has fight in them, though grossly misdirected….

What do you think?



Have you ever played with Slinky? That coiled up contraption that can “climb downstairs”?

If you ever have, then you would know that sometimes when little hands get onto Slinky, there can be quite a devastating effect on Slinky. It could never ever be the same again….

Which was ALMOST what happened the other day!

Poor, poor Slinky. I thought it was a goner.

Then this kind uncle took pity.

And decided that the challenge was too good to pass by.

So he sought to sort out Slinky (wow almost a tongue-twister there)

It made a nice colourful photo opportunity too (Hee Hee)

After about ten minutes, to my delight, I could see some semblance of order.

Then another five minutes later, voila!

Isn’t this uncle clever?

It just goes to show that with a little bit of patience and perseverance, concentration and determination, you can do something complicating like untangling a very jumbled up Slinky!

And no, he is not my real uncle. It’s just the way younger children address older folk here – out of respect.

So Slinky lives to see another day…. And perhaps make another post!



After months and months of inactivity, today, I noticed it start up again. Strange.

The left side of my face, just below my left eye, begun to twitch as I chatted with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Before you suggest it was stress-related, let me assure you I wasnt feeling stressed at all. On the contrary.

Any one has any ideas why this happens?

To do or not to do


Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. Whatever you choose, someone is going to get hurt, another will get offended, and yet another will be somehow affected negatively. The phrase “damned if I do and damned if I dont” comes to mind.

So what IS one supposed to do when in such a predicament?

Bottom line?

People or project? I always defer to people.

Long term or short term? One should always aim for the former where possible.

Encompassing or restrictive? My philosophy is always to have more.

And so, the question once again – what’s the bottom line?

And the answer is, “If it is for the good of many and it will help to develop and progress in the long term, then let’s go ahead.”

Regardless if some are offended or you end up being disliked….. Offences will come, as Jesus said. And even He didnt please everyone!