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Reviews and Appraisals


Honestly. I am somewhat disappointed really. I was looking for a specific kind of pillow. There are so many types for sale and I really wasn’t in a mood to spend precious money to try each type out. What I was looking for had to be good but of course affordable. I have had enough of these supposedly orthopaedic pillows which didnt do the job at all. So there I was, looking around, and I am sure, looking very lost. I finally located a salesperson and made my request. To my dismay, not only was he ignorant of what I was looking for, he was downright uninterested to assist! It had been a long day, and I really didnt need this sort of attitude!

This incident made me compare with other places with high standards. Some places are so good that they are recognised and obtain special rating. The one I saw recently was the Cozy Winters Reviews – they have top rating! I wonder if it’s possible to get this sort of system enforced here. That would surely pull up some proprietors!

As for the salesman… I had to do something I dislike intensely; I made a complaint. Well, it wasn’t an official complaint. What I did was to go look for someone else who looked more able to help and remark how I had asked but got no assistance from that person. Turns out that the second member of staff I was speaking to was the manager on duty. Oops!



I have been incapacitated for weeks! No, make that months! Unable to access this site due to no fault of my own – the hard disk died.

Worse, when it died and I sent it in for fixing, the people there did not send my order request off so I had to wait even longer to have the parts delivered for my computer. I had to really bite my tongue when I found out! How can that possibly happen to a reputable and well-established company. Worse, it was the manager himself who made this mistake. What an omission! It was quite depressing to say the least…

I can hear you say that I should have an alternative access…! Too late…  Lesson learned!

Anyway, I am B-A-C-K! And raring to go!

The Difference


Hubby asked what I would like to have. My taste buds screamed “LAMB CHOP in MINT SAUCE!”

Now, before you go on about cholesterol and all that, let me just say that this does often happen. My tastebuds telling me what it wants, I mean. I don’t usually crave for food.

But this time…. well….

Anyway, so Hubby decided to drive over to the nearby place where I had last had a lamb chop. It was pretty decent.

There, after a short wait, I was served this…. this… this!

LambChop01Now, if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with this dish, let me show you what I was imagining. Or rather, what my tastebuds told me I should be having.

LambChop02Can you see the difference?

Honestly, the mint sauce was non-existent and worse, the lamb chop looked like it had been chopped up already – there was hardly any meat on the plate!

So what do you think I did?

a. Sat in silence

b. Complained to Hubby and ate it all up

c. Complained to manager and demanded (and got) another lamb chop?

Answers in comments section….!



I need to make a flight change.

I called and called and called.

Typical. No joy.

Worse, asked me irrelevant questions and didn’t give me any satisfaction.

So much for online services designed to make things easy!

I decided to turn away and look at something else instead.

Nature is good.

Look at this – taken from the window as we flew from Stansted Airport.

Sunrise01Do you like it? It’s the sun trying to peek out.

Here’s when the sun shows itself in a blaze of glory!

Sunrise02Isn’t it wonderful?

As I snap away, it blazes back majestically and I am awed by the Creator God, and humbled at our smallness.

Sunrise03Suddenly the irritation of five minutes earlier is gone….



I had told everyone that they should make copies aka back up.

I didn’t.

Worse, I used the backup as my mains.

And despite lots of thoughts of, “Oh, I should back up”, I didn’t.

And now I have lost umpteen years of electronic resource.

In bereavement and learning to be thankful at the same time is not easy….

Trying to Go in Peace


I went on a trip. (I mean a journey. Not the chemically-induced trip!)

Along the way, I had to go and do what comes naturally. Different places use different phrases to try to describe this essential part of life – Doing the numbers one or two; Sitting on the throne; Spending a penny are some of the more delicate phrases used.

However you want to put it, essentially all living things need to do this – they have to excrete waste products at the end of their alimentary circuit. And I was no different, being in case you havent realised human myself (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Anyway, so I went down this corridor.

toilet01Seemed nice enough.

I entered a clean, brightly lit room. Even nicer.

Then I encountered this, this, THIS thing!

toilet02Don’t let it fool you. It might LOOK like an ordinary toilet, but it isn’t!

It is one of those new fangled inventions – the dreaded self-flushing toilet!

I am certain there are many who love such a creation. Imagine never having to touch the toilet handle were others have touched before. That would be a clean freak’s dream come true.

Whoever invented this version however, is not only Clean Freak’s friend – also Speedy Gonzales’ friend!

Before I continue, let me assure you that I am not a “long-term” visitor to such places. I repeat, I am not.

But try telling this contraption!

Folks, while I was trying my best to do what a gal has to do, this over-enthusiastic THING flushed on me! No, not once. Not even twice! It flushed THREE times before I could even complete my job!

Now you see why I had to take a photo of it!

Just beware if you head south of West Malaysia, close to the border. It lives there………….

The State of Silver


Perak is the Malay word for silver. In Malaysia, there is a state called Perak – hence, the silver state.

OK a quick history lesson here. In Mar 2008 federal and state elections, Perak became Opposition rule, ie not National Coalition, just as four other states – Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan, Wilayah Persekutuan. This was a real shock to many because apart from Kelantan, the rest had been under the National Coalition. These were results that shook the nation.

In Perak, the majority was a very slim one. Nonetheless, they had enough to form the state government, being a coalition of parties under the Opposition’s Coalition.

Recently, two of their state representatives were investigated for corruption. Their cases are due to be mentioned in court next week. These two reps suddenly disappeared from the scene last week.

Rumours began to surface that they were going to change parties and support the National Coalition or go independent. A third rep also began to show signs of doing similarly. That would mean that in the ruling Opposition Coalition would be tied with the National Coalition for seats, with 3 independents.

The Perak Chief Minister went to see the Perak Sultan (king) to ask for dissolution of state parliment and to call for snap elections to allow the people to decide who they wanted to vote for and to stop the stalemate.

However, the Sultan, instead of listening to the CM, which is the normal convention, chose to wait for the appearance of the present VPM (and incoming PM) who is also VP and incoming P of the National Coalition. (Have I lost you?) They had an audience and then the Sultan decided to demand for the Perak CM’s resignation. Failing which, he would declare the CM post vacant.

Many have cried out that this is illegal. It is a sign of the times that even the news report covers this.

To cut a long story short, the debacle of politics in Malaysia continues even as I write. Apparently the Sultan’s website is filled with people writing in their protests and on Tuesday, I gather, there is a call for people to wear black if they disagreed with what has happened.

Stay tuned for next instalment, or just do a search. With what I have written above, you should be able to follow the news.