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Reviews and Appraisals


Honestly. I am somewhat disappointed really. I was looking for a specific kind of pillow. There are so many types for sale and I really wasn’t in a mood to spend precious money to try each type out. What I was looking for had to be good but of course affordable. I have had enough of these supposedly orthopaedic pillows which didnt do the job at all. So there I was, looking around, and I am sure, looking very lost. I finally located a salesperson and made my request. To my dismay, not only was he ignorant of what I was looking for, he was downright uninterested to assist! It had been a long day, and I really didnt need this sort of attitude!

This incident made me compare with other places with high standards. Some places are so good that they are recognised and obtain special rating. The one I saw recently was the Cozy Winters Reviews – they have top rating! I wonder if it’s possible to get this sort of system enforced here. That would surely pull up some proprietors!

As for the salesman… I had to do something I dislike intensely; I made a complaint. Well, it wasn’t an official complaint. What I did was to go look for someone else who looked more able to help and remark how I had asked but got no assistance from that person. Turns out that the second member of staff I was speaking to was the manager on duty. Oops!



Learned a new word! Chill and relax put together, becomes Chillax!


Hubby had a special gift for his birthday – a coupon for two to have a full body massage. Fantastic!

I am the one who likes the massage more, but this promised to be one that he might enjoy too. The only drawback was that a three-day notice was needed. Days went by and it became weeks. We still hadnt gone!

Then one day, on the spur of the moment (otherwise known as having a long full and shoulder aching day) he called the place and asked if they had an opening.

They did!

And off we went.

This was the first step – having a foot soak of five minutes and then having the foot dried.
IMG_1580Needless to say we had a really nice shoulder unknotted time… great way to hit the sack after. Ahhhhhh

Maintenance Mode


Today someone came, climbed two sets of ladders and cleared the gutters of our roof. Two days ago, we had a mini flood outside the house because one of the drain pipes blocked. Last week the carpenter came and popped open one of the bedroom doors which had jammed.  …. 

I guess you could say that the house is now suffering from wear and tear. Basic DIY is required. Thankfully we have an odd-job man. But before he can do his work, we need to get supplies from Reid and other such places. Things like replacing door knobs, washing out the water cisterns and unblocking any waste pipes all require us to prepare beforehand as our odd-job man isn’t the kind to walk around with spare cash! 

Now we have to prepare for the next week when he is due to come again… 

Mellow Moments



Once in a while, it is just nice to sit down with a hot cuppa and chill. (I know, that was a pretty contradictory statement! But that’s just what came to mind when I look at this photo)936831_10151649279709879_1180481088_nHubby and I don’t often get to do this. But when we do, it’s nice. Mellow Moments where we can just sit and go mmmmmmm and hardly say anything at all.

Just nice.


More in the Letter Box


With the General Elections over, you would think that we would have our letter boxes back.

What do I mean? Well, during the run-up, we would come home and find our letter boxes stuffed with literature. This campaign period was two weeks of busy-busy-busy sifting through our regular mail from the publicity papers. One would have thought that since so many things are digital, from advertising contents, magazines and books to the social media on the internet, people would not refer to the printing press anymore.

But not so fast. Prints is very much alive as most people still like the feel of a hard copy, be it a book or magazine. And obviously brochures never went out of fashion. Why? Because it is more convenient to give out brochures than to email contents to someone we do not have contact with on the street. Or as in this case, whom we hope will vote for us even though we have no personal contact!  So don’t write off the brochure printing companies yet, breathe a sigh of relief that the GE is over, and yes, look out for some other regular mail…. !

Mobile Phones Galore



Every time they gather for a meeting, or a music practice, this happens – to avoid being distracted, they produce a basket and everyone drops their mobile phones in. How’s that for discipline? IMG_6966Oh, and i forgot to mention. These phones? They belong to teenagers. Youths who would normally otherwise never be parted with their Precioussssss.

Yes, some of them own pretty expensive phones!


Advertising Apts



Well, in case anyone didn’t know, the country I reside in is having its 13th General Elections. Due to the improved availability of media access, the information going out is quite amazing. Many a person in the street is talking about it whereas previously they would not even think about going to cast their vote. Some are returning from overseas. In the past, only armed forces and their families were permitted to cast postal votes. This year, for the first time, ordinary citizens are permitted to do so.

With this being the hottest even General Elections, it is  no wonder that some companies have taken advantage of the hype to promote their products.

BurgerPretty neat I thought. Simple and effective.


Meal times






It has occurred to me that I don’t like having a meal on my own. I would prefer to have a book in hand, or in today’s high-tech world, even the smartphone is good company. But eating alone and without reading fodder? No, that is not me at all. I couldn’t just sit and stare at my food as I spooned each mouthful in. I mean, I like my food and I often appreciate its appearance, but to stare at each and every morsel as I ate without thinking of anything else or engaging my mind on other matters would just be too intense for me!IMG_6495So I dislike eating alone. I am glad to have my Hubby, who is my best friend, to be at most of my breakfasts and dinners. I love it when my Arrows can join me too. Indeed, I like company at mealtimes. Actually, to be precise, good company over a leisurely and lovely meal in appropriate ambience is how I like my meal times.

Yesssss! I am now going to plan my next one!


The Season



The whole day. The entire day. It rained. And rained. And rained.

It was either heavy or a drizzle. And by heavy, I mean tropical monsoon style, with lashing winds and driving rain.

IMG_6123Some places flooded. Sigh. Some places were impassable. Some folk didn’t get to work. Children were late for school as their parents queued to drop them in shaded areas snaked around corners and out the school gates.

But I know some places need the rain. Ah well.

I am suddenly reminded of the Bible verse Matthew 5:44 which says “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” Thoughtful fodder….



Someone came into my office with a lovely offering of cupcakes. However, everyone had left, except for one other person and I. She didn’t like nor want the cupcakes so I ended up taking the whole lot home! They couldn’t be kept over night because of the cream.

So all the way home, I drove very carefully. The clear plastic container seemed to scream at me, “LOOK HOW LOVELY THEY ARE! BE CAREFUL!”

In fact, I was so careful, I drove most of the way with one hand. The other was making sure the precious cargo would not slide about in the car.

When I got home and turned off the engine, I could not help but let out a huge grin. Boy, did I have a surprise for the family.

I opened the car door, reached for the container…. and then it happened.

Slipped right out of my hand. My right hand, mind you. My stronger, more dominant hand.

Splat! One cupcake hit the side of the box.

Upset, but undeterred because there were three good ones still, I bent down to pick up the box.

Double splat! The other three got overturned as the box slipped out of my hand one more time.

Yes, we still ate them, though it just wasn’t the same…..