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There was a Food Fest


Yes there was a Food Fest.

And what a Food Fest.

Many people thronged to see the competitions, especially the drinks making, garnishing and most of all, when they cooked the different parts of the menu. I especially liked the cold dish competition.

Here is where you can see my writeup about it.

WHY am I writing about it?

Because I was searching for some elusive post I made years ago. Before I had this site. I used to write at the other site. Now I see this post, it makes me hungry….

And makes me want to do something about it.

So I post instead of stuff my face!

This Was Me


I wrote.

I Slept with a Stranger

Hmmm with such a sensational title, I need a strong opening line too…

It was a dark and stormy night…. ooops wrong start.

She was alone in the room when. naaaaaaa let’s try again.

Suddenly! Nope!

Bother! Let’s just go back to the 1st of February 2008 where I was in West Malaysia for a meeting.

And so it went on…. (Click underlined title for link to the original site!)

I must say I enjoyed re-reading this post on one of my old blogpost sites. We are talking ages ago of course. Almost as if it was another life!

This is what looking for old posts does to you – you go down the path of memory lane!

My Old Clothes


Today I did a double take.

My third Arrow came out of the bedroom, ready to go for the youth meeting and I did a double take.

She looked gorgeous in her choice of colours as usual, but that wasn’t the reason for the double take.

She was wearing a blouse that looked familiar.

A blouse that I knew was even older than she was!

Yes, she was wearing one of my old tops!

And it looked good on her.

It made me feel a tad proud.

Also made me feel a little nostalgic.

You must understand – she is still half a head shorter. And still only in her early teens. I wore that in my mid-twenties.

Yes, I was THAT small before.


Remember These?


What a trip down memory lane! I had to fiddle with the machine that shows them, but it was worth it!

Slides! Those days when these were the best for scenery photography. Supposedly to be longer lasting than photos.

I enjoyed that trip down memory lane, showing each significant slide to Hubby.

Now I wait for the development of them to photographs/prints that I can view more easily.

Love Is


I grew up with this comic strip series about what love was. It was fun. I would flip the pages of the newspaper, looking for those naked round tubbies. Then I saw this. A modern day version, in colour. I hadn’t realised I missed those comics till I saw this.

Now I can’t decide which I like better.

Can you?

More on Fitness


Looking at me today, you would not believe that I used to have a 20 inch waist. And I don’t mean when I was a child! That was the measurement when I was approaching my twenties. It was thanks to my swimming days.

I stopped swimming after I left for further studies. Then, after having three children and not bothering to take care of my body very much, things pretty much fell apart. I took for granted that I would be able to regain my shape easily.

Now I dream of a flat stomach. Sigh. I know I can try some ab workout but the thought of exercise after a 7K event is somewhat prohibitive now.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, recently a good friend received a birthday card on his 57th birthday with a picture of six packs of tin cans on its front cover. The message in the card was that he ought to pin it onto his abdomen for instant six pack. Haha!

That made Hubby and I have a good chuckle.

And then we had a wry one as we observed our pregnant-like status….. Sigh….

It’s Relative


Recently a relative of mine in a not-too-distant country lamented that it is cruel to have to wake up at 6am in the morning.

We replied that we did that on a regular basis here.

This relative replied that she had to do it daily.

So did we, came our reply.

But, says she, did we ever have to get up on a cold winter morning when the warm bed aka a refuge and comfort beckoned, yea, even protested, at the very thought of leaving it?

Ahh, we said, we did, referring to our stint in England.

To which she squealed, “It’s all very relative isn’t it!”

And she is absolutely right!

The truth be told though, I still remember the ring of the alarm clock and followed by having to stick a foot out from under the covers to brave the wintry weather. It was not something I relished at all.

Living as I do in the tropics now, I am so glad I need not endure such torture anymore. No more stoking furnace filters, no more getting all dirty and sooty, no more meters to feed, no more wondering if the cold snap would clear today, tonight or tomorrow.

Now, with every dawn comes the warmth of impending sunshine, starting with a comfortable 20 degree coolness of morning dew and mists.

Yes, waking up at 6am now is not torturous. In fact it’s a delight to be able see the break of dawn.

It is, as we told our distant family member, all very relative really, dear relative.

A Special Day


This, folks, is our special plate. It was commissioned for us by a former patient of mine. Oh did I not mention? I used to work in England as a nurse and midwife. This commemorative plate was done for me by a this Englishman who somehow took a liking to me. He was so ill, he could barely speak but somehow we clicked.

When I gave him an invitation to my wedding, I knew full well he would not be able to attend. He had this gifted to us instead! Isn’t that lovely?

After he was discharged with his terminal illness, we visited at times. Despite his illness, he remained cheerful and uncomplaining till the end. I attended his funeral service to do the reading of Scriptures.

And today, we have been married for 28 years. Wheeeeeeeeee

Needing a Break


The month of May.

Brings back memories.

Memories of more than twenty years ago.

Oh my. It’s amazing that I suddenly recall that time!

OK let me explain. I have been working hard. Very hard. Many balls to juggle.

So my thoughts went to having a break. Turned on the television. And oh, what do I see?!

A documentary about a holiday. In Europe. Just the thing!

But wait. It wasn’t a holiday where you go on a tour bus. Or hitch hike. It was via motor homes and a good tourist guide book.

And that’s what brought back the memories.

Years ago, at around this time of the year, before the children came along, this was what Hubby and I did – we went on a motoring holiday using these motorhomes. Of course at that time, we couldn’t afford one of our own. We even scoured for used motorhomes in the advertisements but in the end we settled for a rented one.

What fun we had, going around the south part of England on our own steam, stopping in diverse places and just enjoying the local scene, and especially the flowers….

Ah I could do with such a break now Haha!

Dangerous Buildings


My parents just told me about some disastrous demolition works that was going on in my hometown. The demolition had to be done by hand so progress was slow.

One day, while cars on the road nearby were lining up at the traffic lights, the entire block suddenly collapsed. Sadly two people died in their vehicles.

I think part of the reason for the need for doing it by hand was that there was asbestos involved. Thank goodness that most people are now aware of the danger of asbestos and  mesothelioma, an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs.

The problem is many old buildings have abestos for ceilings and many other fittings. Workers who demolish such constructions for renovations or rebuilding are in danger. Without proper gear such workers are exposed and are in danger. There are two to three thousand new diagnoses of mesothelioma every year. Early symptoms of mesothelioma are often similar to pneumonia. If you work in constructions and renovations and have these sypmtoms go seek for a medical check up and if caught early treatments will prevent cancer and untimely death.

Alas, this will not help those two people who died. I am glad that the buildings are now down but at such a price. The cleanup begins.