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When you own a Recreational Vehicle, you move up one notch from the ordinary saloon cars. Mainly because you need deeper pockets. Parts cost more. Accessories are often priced in a different league. Not to mention if you need to have an rv repaired as my nephew discovered. He had skidded his brand new car on a highway, causing damages to not only his own vehicle, but also others. His parents are glad that he didn’t get hurt. They are also glad that his insurance paid for all the damages. Had it not, it would have been a case of writing off a brand new vehicle…. ouch!

All Terrain


A young couple, friend of ours, are trading in their Honda Saloon for a pick up truck, exchanging a comfortable city car for some wild off-road driving!

When I heard the news, I was reminded of my trip away. There, the roads have only just been covered. The patriarch decided that he could safely ride his motorbike and kick-started it easily. It’s a way of life for this remote place.

Others, however, would find this lifestyle a little harsh. BUT would still cope. Some have 4-wheel drive vehicles, or All-Terrain Vehicles.

Back to out friends. At the end of the day, it is their choice. Meanwhile perhaps we can introduce them some ATV Accessories to personalise it.

Company Care


Hubby drives what is called an RV – recreational vehicle.

It’s not his choice. It’s what’s given for his use. Sometimes other people use the vehicle too.

It’s a nice vehicle and some would consider it an expensive one. At times, the maintenance is high, but we are thankful for the rv insurance that we have and that we don’t have to pay for all the costs. After all, it’s a company car. The company does care for its staff!

Now I am hoping that it cares enough to give him a long break over Christmas!