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A free night’s stay in a swanky hotel in the golden triangle area of the capital. What a way to end a business trip away. Beyond expectations really. The room is labelled premium so we get located to near the top floor. Then we get super fast wifi for five appliances. The bell boy who attends to us is so informative and polite – obviously well trained. Wow.

The ceiling of the room is so high that one can’t help but be impressed.


Not to mention the little touches that make it a little more special, such as extra towels without being asked.

It made this business-cum-getaway a special and blessed one!

Curry Puff Day


What an amazing day. Three sets of curry puff from three different members of staff in one morning. image

It’s kinda fun.

It also shows our similar tastebuds Haha!

What’s more, two were purchased from the same shop!

Don’t you just love such folk?!


Reviews and Appraisals


Honestly. I am somewhat disappointed really. I was looking for a specific kind of pillow. There are so many types for sale and I really wasn’t in a mood to spend precious money to try each type out. What I was looking for had to be good but of course affordable. I have had enough of these supposedly orthopaedic pillows which didnt do the job at all. So there I was, looking around, and I am sure, looking very lost. I finally located a salesperson and made my request. To my dismay, not only was he ignorant of what I was looking for, he was downright uninterested to assist! It had been a long day, and I really didnt need this sort of attitude!

This incident made me compare with other places with high standards. Some places are so good that they are recognised and obtain special rating. The one I saw recently was the Cozy Winters Reviews – they have top rating! I wonder if it’s possible to get this sort of system enforced here. That would surely pull up some proprietors!

As for the salesman… I had to do something I dislike intensely; I made a complaint. Well, it wasn’t an official complaint. What I did was to go look for someone else who looked more able to help and remark how I had asked but got no assistance from that person. Turns out that the second member of staff I was speaking to was the manager on duty. Oops!

Mystery Woman


I came into office a little late the other day. On my table was this.IMG_7934There was no indication who left it.

When I asked my staff, no one acknowledged being the one who left it on my desk.

Stranger and stranger.

Then a volunteer came out from the back. She was passing through she said, and found a wall that needed some repair work (That word repair again!) She wanted to suggest some remedial work. Then she walked out the office door.

Problem was, I didn’t know her name. And she spoke so fast, was in such a hurry, that no one got her name…. It made me wonder if she had any business or calling card she could have used. Otherwise I could tell her where she could go for business card printing. Hmmm!

I have to Sigh


It’s just as well that information is easily available online these day.

I have to sigh.

Where I work, we often have deadlines to meet. One of my staff is responsible for churning out high quality graphics on a regular basis. If ever she got artist’s block (like writer’s block), I would recommend some web to print software solutions because that in saving her a lot of hassle it also helps to unlock inspiration!

And then I sigh with relief !

O Misery


It is a sad day… my beloved computer died. The screen flickered and died. Just like that.

I have a friend who is very techie but even he could not help to resuscitate it. So off to the service centre it went.

And it stayed there for days. I mean lots of days. Too many days. Whilst I frantically worked from two computers to compensate and try to catch up on the outstanding work, I prayed for the data to be kept safe. Yes, I did back up but even the back up was playing up!

Finally the news came. It could not be revived. Alas, alas. It is painful because I had spent much time in getting the computer to its optimum state. Good optimum state. How was I to know that it would suddenly expire before its time.

So now it is back to the drawing board. And to dig deep and get another. Misery indeed…. But I will rebound. I have to!

More Gifts



Isn’t this priceless?

IMG_6729A surprise gift for work done before and during a conference.

I really didn’t feel I deserved it. But I had to go up to receive it because they announced my name! Phew!

Now to find a place for it to sit….


Affirming Gifts



Have you heard of secret angels? It’s an affirming and fun game where you support and encourage certain people anonymously. Later the secret is revealed =)

We decided to draw lots to see who we would be secret angels to in the office. Just for a few weeks. It had been a very hectic time so we decided that we could encourage and cheer one another on.

First things first, we decided to discover each other’s love language first – what made us feel cared for and loved. Then could we best “care for” the person assigned.  To make it harder for guessing since we are a small office, we decided that we would have two angels each! Good fun!

My “angels” have been working hard. An apple one day, a card the next. Feeling greatly affirmed!


Some rather creative ways coming up – even the sending of group messages so you cant guess!

As for me, I am working hard at affirming my “mortal” as well! But I can’t tell here what ways I am using in case someone reads this…. All will be revealed in a few days time…..



O dear. I was privy to a circular that went out recently. It was telling off the heads of departments for their lack of safety consciousness. Photos like these were sent out.image002

That prompted a flurry of emails as people have sought to work this out. Some request help for extra equipment and have been directed to places such as Others don’t need modifications – just a lot of tidying up!

So do you wonder why  I was given this email? No, I did not add to the clutter. Nor did I cause any obstruction. I certainly didn’t create any hazard. Rather, staff from another department blocked one of our fire exits! We were glad that the safety chief spotted it!

Special Demands that Demand Special Dinners


Of late Hubby has had to make trips away more. Sigh (Is that why I get taken out to dinner more often Hee Hee!) He now has to go into plantations that are often quagmires and muddy! Ordinary shoes not only get bogged down and stuck in the mud but also a nightmare to clean after (I should ask for MORE special dinners!) Some days I think the shoes are ruined….

So now I tell him he has to get some special shoes for this sort of work.

To be precise, he needs boots. With these, He can wash boots down from the hose outside the house before he comes in. Then we will both be happy… Of course I will still want my dinners!