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Fun Way to Learn



Did I ever mention that I am a trained Human Behaviour Analyst? (What a mouthful) Well, I conducted a Getting-to-know-yourself session with some young folk. The organisers entitled it “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”. The publicity was highlighted with troll faces and said with a sassy attitude (which I couldn’t mimic!)

About 30 people signed up. Nice number.

We had fun in the big group and went silly in the smaller groups. But all the time, intent on learning, and learn they did. Even meal and break times were  moments to be utilized.

IMG_1534Seeing their faces as they left the room, getting their feedback over the next few days…. satisfying indeed. It made all the standing for almost 8 hours worthwhile.


Appearances Can Be Deceiving



Everyone today has stopped at my desk as they walk in or out of the office! It’s quite fun to see their various reactions. Some would pause in midstep because they were rushing by. Others would turn slowly and walk over – they just had to check it out for themselves.

Are those shiny leaves for real? Is the entire plant real?

LeavesWell, the answer is YES. Amazingly shiny leaves are as a result of some “polish” the landscape team have added to bring not only a shine but some healthy plant food stuff, thereby the gleaming and almost artificial appearance. Fun to watch people’s reactions. haha!


Introducing Myself


To some, I am an office manager. Others would know me as someone who speaks to groups doing motivational talks. I am also a certified Human Behaviour Analyst (What a mouthful!) This means I get to  meet all kinds of people – something I enjoy. Even in my office work, I often meet new people who come by.

Just recently, my business cards ran out and I am now looking to design and order business cards. It is not easy to find one who can design something that will meet my needs…!



As the year end speedily approaches, presentations are being finalised. Many are already presented. Some have been shot down. Others are being adopted and preparations for implementation are already underway. Presentations are so important for any business to create a favorable impression and snap up a good customer. You want your prospective client to take notice of what you are trying to convey, be it a proposal, a new product and your service you can provide. Hence it is crucial to have print presentation folders that are professional in appearance from a reliable printer. If you havent got your act together yet, it is a tad too late for some companies. But there might still be time for others. Never too late to act!

Patience and Changes


With all the time-to-go-shopping-because-it’s-Christmas atmosphere, I must admit I was a little caught up with it.

However, as I lined up at this shop yesterday to pay, I have to confess that I was not in a merry mood, nor a very charitable frame of mind. The lines were long. And I mean looooong. It was a shop I hardly frequented and as I held on to my purchase, I had a flashback, recalling why I didn’t like shopping there.

They still go manual. I mean manual as in key in everything. Honestly, if I hadn’t wanted that item so badly, I would have stormed off to the manager, losing my place in the queue. Life would be so much easier with a barcode scanner. Not only for payment, but also to keep track of supplies. I am told that you can go here for honeywell barcode scanners should you need one. I am seriously thinking of making a special trip just to speak to the manager…..

Learning Can Be Fun


There is another part of me. I help people discover themselves more. Learning about themselves and how uniquely they have been made, and how to move on from there.

I love it. Putting people through the paces and stressing them as I do so. Shifting the goal posts and moving people out of their comfort zones is part and parcel of what I do, and I believe, do well.

Simple games become tools for training. Normal activities are exaggerated for illustration purposes.

You will never be the same again after a session with me

(cue : wicked laugh)

Unexpected Dinner Party


We were supposed to meet with this from-out-of-town team. And so we did. But as we started on what we needed to do, the realisation came that they have not made any arrangements for dinner. The poor things were going to work right through dinner! So even though I had dinner waiting for me, I decided that this just would not do!

A few quick phone calls and voila! Pizza delivered and we had a surprise dinner party – the four of us!


Rather enjoyable if I may say so. It would have been nicer had the pizza been warmer than they were. As it was, the day was so cold, the air-conditioners were going full blast, the pizzas cooled down within minutes of their delivery.

Having said that, it was still nice. Yum!

New Responsibilities


Hubby seems to be going into supplying fertilizers for large oil palm plantations. Hopefully this will be his final business development before he can finally take it easy and relax. I can imagine him needing equipment for material handling. The fertilizers and other corresponding equipment need a lot of warehouse space, not to mention machines such as fork lifts, carts, lifters and hoppers to handle the huge volume of fertilizers. I am praying that he will achieve the breakthrough I sense is coming!

The Setting


There is a need to get the right ambience. And this time, they excelled. Look at the colour and the strong lines… Joy.

This will surely be a hit for the congregation!

And no balloons. Haha.





Big day coming up. In one day, a collection to be taken for community work.

But it is also a birthday celebration and gifts are to be given out.

Lots of gifts.

Hence so thankful for helping hands to get the gifts ready! Amazing how tying a bow can take so much time. Well, I suppose it would if you have 700 to tie!

Thanks ladies!